🙋 faq

How do I donate?

Venmo us @dusdoughs or chip in to our PayPal pool , and we will donate it to the organizations we are currently supporting!

How do I order conchas?

We're not taking orders right now, but check back soon!

What are your conchas made of?

We use: dairy (whole milk, butter), flour, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, salt, and yeast.

For our flavored conchas, we've used a huge variety including but not limited to matcha powder, cocoa powder, and a homemade chai spice mix.

Do you take credit card or cash?

Unfortunately, we don't currently take credit card or cash, but are definitely looking into options to make this possible. We do accept venmo and paypal.

What's your return policy?

Due to the nature of a donation-based fundraiser, we are unable to process any returns. However, if you have feedback for us in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or instagram DM.

Where does the name come from?

Concha puns are fun 😛.

Can you host a special workshop for my corporate/startup/team event?

Send us an email at sociallyconchas@gmail.com with subject line “Corporate Event Request.” Please be sure to include your donation budget, number of people expected to attend, and a few dates/times that work well for your organization.

We try our best to accomodate requests but unfortunately are unable to fulfill most because we work full time jobs!

I don't live in NYC, can I still participate in Socially Conchas?

Yes, absolutely!

As of 2020, we've moved our in-person workshops online to Zoom. Follow our instagram @sociallyconchas for updates.